lunes, 10 de septiembre de 2012

Everyone's entitled to a toilet?

I recently read an article where Bill Gates stressed the importance of the research to get better hygienic conditions that were affordable for most people considering that approximately 25% of the world's population has no access to potable water and 33% can't use sanitary facilities according to World Bank data.

Perhaps someone tells me that this is just an artifact imported but the importance of hygiene goes beyond being a mere luxury. Lack of aqueduct leads people to seek alternative sources of water that are not always clean, either because the water of rivers or places that are mixed with waste, because the containers used are not appropriate or because their use encourages the proliferation of pests like mosquitoes that cause malaria and every 30 seconds kills a child in Africa.
This is the bathroom for most of the mozambiquean

The lack of sanitation is an obstacle to evacuate properly the waste. For example, in a neighborhood where I worked in Colombia, the dirty water run down the middle of the road, close to homes and children who inevitably are the first affected by diseases that could be prevented.

Even in the XXI century, women and girls are limited in their daily activities such as work-study when they have their periods. There are still places where there is no access or are not used to using this kind of basic articles.

At least in Mozambique, this is a serious problem that is reflected in the statement of population health. Globally it is estimated that every two seconds a child dies of diarrhea, 57% of pediatric hospitalizations in this country is due to this disease. That coupled with the poor economic conditions and the lack of appropiate food leads to 14% of children die before reaching one year and 24.6% before completing 5 years.

A hole in the ground that is not always connected to a waste management system
So if you ask me some strategy for economic and social development would reply that it is necessary to satisfy itself at least basic health conditions for children to go to school and to be healthy adults who participate actively in the growth of their country.

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